Cowtown String Band Live at Lowell Opry House 2/26/2011

The Cowtown String Band Live @ Lowell Opry House February 26, 2011

Enjoy this recently discovered footage! Meet the Cowtown String Band:

  • Amber Griffith – vocals.
  • Bryan Hall – bass.
  • Jason McPanko -fiddle and vocals
  • Matt Williams – guitar and vocals
  • Donny Wysoczynski – banjo and vocals
  • Trey Young – mandolin and vocals
  • *Jason Kesler (guest) – guitar and vocals

The band’s performance is captured on video by Roy Young Jr.


  • Telling Lies
  • Fair and Tender Ladies
  • In the Jailhouse Now
  • Bullfrog Song
  • Walkin’ After Midnight
  • When I Die
  • Crooked Jack
  • Future’s So Bright
  • Clinch Mtn. Backstep – (Continuous from previous song)
  • Future’s So Bright – (Reprise)
  • Donny
  • Miss Ohio
  • In This Life
  • Bony On The Isle of St. Helena
  • Barefoot Nellie
  • Cash On The Barrelhead
  • Oh My Sweet Carolina (Note: song is incomplete)
  • Dark As the Dungeon
  • Let Me Sing To You
  • Fear of Falling
  • No Depression
  • Everything’s Gone (except the embers)
  • Angeline the Baker
  • Mountain Dew (featuring Claire Williams on vocals)
  • Jolene
  • I’ll Fly Away
  • Meet Me at the Garden Gate
  • Salt Creek
  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  • Thanks and Panks
  • Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie

Enjoy the music!

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