Thunder Monkey “Tony’s Drunk” (2006)

This is a compilation of Thunder Monkey odds and ends made up of leftover Detonated session tracks and 2 live cuts from Millers in Carrollton, GA.

These tracks made Detonated seem a little overstuffed, but here they act as a zany coda to the Thunder Monkey saga. These include I love you I live in a Trailer written during the Camel Toe era, and Johnny Taliban which is an update of Mad Cow. Brefmint’s contributions include the lovely vocal layers of Song song and the Math flavored My Brother’s Monster. As always none of these songs and jams would work at all without the rock solid beats of Kevin Lyle.


  1. Just want to thank you for your hard work on I’ve appreciated your talent and friendship for years. Always enjoy listening to you! Keep up the great work and rock on brother!

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