Randall Bramblett Band – (2010)

2010 – When Randall’s guitar player of several years decided to move on to another group, I was called to fill in on the 6-string. I never will forget the first call from Randall. “Seth Hendershot tells me you can play. Wanna go with us to Savannah and see how it goes?” 2-3 days later I received a huge padded mailer with 8-9 CD’s.

My stint with Randall lasted a little over a year. We played 1-2 weekends per month all over the Southeast. Randall is a great band leader and a kind human being. He offered both direction and the freedom of exploration. His catalog is immense and spans decades. It was truly a great opportunity for growth and a lesson in longevity and versatility. I learned so much from playing with Randall and his great band. There aren’t many videos out there from this time but here is a small collection.

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