Cowtown String Band #moo (2009)

The Cowtown String Band was born as a result of solo gigs I was playing around Carrollton, GA on weeknights. After BGUG split, I had two weekly local gigs keeping me afloat – Wednesday night at Camacho’s and Thursdays at Millers. Quite often, Trey and/or Panko would back me up. I was also playing guitar with a local band called the Bugzappers at the time. Their bass player Cuz bought an upright bass and guitar playing Donny invested in a banjo. Eventually, we found Amber and all joined forces as the Cowtown String Band.

CSB was a mix of tradition and an off the wall good time for all ages. We recorded these tracks ourselves at a warehouse where Donny worked. The band toured around the state and grew over time to be well known in small circles. Members came and went as their lives changed. These were some special years and some fun shows with great friends. #moo

  • Matthew Williams – Guitar/Vocals
  • Amber Joy – Vocals
  • Trey Young – Mandolin
  • Jason McPanko Wilson – Fiddle/Vocals
  • Donny – Banjo
  • Cuz – Bass
  • Bryan Hall – Bass
  • Eva Rose – Vocals

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