Dysfunktion Junktion “Butler Sessions” (2001)

In an effort to spend the remaining “band money” before the band officially broke up, Dysfunktion Junktion took to the studio for the first time to capture the songs from the final era of this local jamband’s career.

Steve recalls:

“Most of the songs recorded were staples of DJ’s numerous live sets. Songs such as “Lookin’ Around” and Grimey were a steady launchpad for improvisation and examples of the band’s modular composition style.

Other tracks were less common such as the Panko led “West Georgia Monkey”, (which coincidentally made it onto the Watt from Pedro show around 2004), and the warm up jam now titled “The McPanko Stash”,
(devoted to Panko’s singular facial hair prowess).

Sprinkle these in with my odd attempts to meld Les Claypool and David Byrne (Sank, Funky Train) and you have an electric piece of Carrollton music history. Slip into some patch pants, light up some incense and all aboard Dysfunktion Junktion!”

  • Brefmint – Guitar/Vocals
  • Steve Abercrombie – Bass/Vocals
  • Jason McPanko – Guitar/Vocals
  • LBC – Drums
  • Big Mike – Percussion

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