Blueground Undergrass “Renee” (2005)

Check out the full Homegrown Music Network interview with Jeff Mosier here

HGMN: The addition of Matt Williams has brought a new flavor and sound to the band. What is Matt’s background and how did you begin working with him?

Rev. Jeff Mosier:
I produced a record for “Captain Soularcat” when he was in that band. That is where we met. He had had several bands mainly based out of Carrollton, Ga. And the only one I had heard of was “Dysfunction Junction” back during the days of “The Dunham’s” when they had played a radio event. He’s great and he sings and he writes and he’s nothing like me which is great. His heroes are many of mine and I really liked his songs and mostly loved his drive and his pure intent for being on stage. He needed a band that would showcase his material and put him under the kind of performance pressure that everyone needs to get that edge that only comes from playing all the time. He immediately rose to the occasion and gets better and better at his craft as time goes on as we all hopefully do. It reminds me of what happened to my playing when I joined ARU, it was do or die for me back then. His songs are great, his voice is great and he loves people and he’s not only easy to work with but he is a pleasure to be around which is hard to find when you lead a band and you’re looking for people. Bruce used to say “you have to be a person first and player second.” So many people come to bands with so much to prove and with a chip on their shoulder. Matthew just wants to play and learn and be, he’s great that way and teachable on many other levels as well. I’ve never enjoyed being on stage with anybody as much as I do him. If nothing else ever comes out of BGUG, I will be proud of having at least had a small part in revealing to the world the talent of Matthew Williams.

Here’s a BGUG clip from Smith’s Olde Bar. I was pretty new to the band and was very grateful that they wanted to play my songs. The late Dustin Sargent on bass. RIP

“Renee” Written by Brefmint

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